Hello! Welcome to Paola’s Blog!

Since this is my first blog I would like to start off by giving you a little background of myself. I was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved with my family to the United States when I was 7 years old. Very excited for the change as a little girl because I couldn’t wait to meet Big Bird. I haven’t met him yet but maybe one day. Our new home was near the pound and my dad would bring me there to walk the homeless doggies. Since we couldn’t have any pets that helped my craving. My first job was in a kennel at an animal hospital. It was the best thing that happened to me at that point of my life. I loved my job and I worked there for almost 16 years. I went from kennel to technician to receptionist and even did some management. I acquired tons of veterinary experience and made some unforgettable fur-friendships.

I began dog walking on my lunch break for clients from the animal hospital. And about
4 years ago I decided to create my part time hobby into my full time career. Now I do this full time and I totally enjoy it very much!

As a little girl I’ve always been vey passionate about animals. So working with them comes very natural to me. I have an understanding for their communication and compassion for their needs. I couldn’t see myself working in a different field.

I am now starting a blog and I will be writing about different aspects of these wonderful fur creatures that bring so much joy into our lives. I plan to have discussions on behavior, training, medical, rescue groups, pet friendly housing and much more. My goal is to blog once a month. I am very excited for this new project and hope you guys enjoy it!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestion.