Dog Walking

 Dogs need to go for walks to get outdoors, sniff and engage with their environment, stay healthy and fit, and perhaps socialize with new people and canines. Walking provides opportunities for:

  • Exercise
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Elimination
  • Socialization
  • Behavior training

We offer daily walk as well as customized visits to ensure your pet’s needs are being met.

Cat Sitting

 Spoil your kitty by keeping them happy in the comfort of their own home while you are away from home. Make your time away much more enjoyable. We will spoil your kitty and maintain their daily routine. A pet sitter will come to your home to visit your kitty daily. Daily visits ensure the well-being and happiness of your fur baby! We can make as many visits as needed per day.

Pet Sitting/24 Hour Care

When you are away, the best environment for your pet is in their own home where they can continue a daily routine in familiar surroundings. This is especially important for puppies or kittens who need to stick to a bathroom and feeding regimen. kennels may also harbor highly contagious illness like a kennel cough, intestinal parasites, and distemper. The kennel can also get too loud for or senior pets. By staying with our skilled and qualified pet sitters, your friends will be safer and happier.

We are specially trained to handle any health emergency that may occur. If you have a pet with special dietary or medical needs, our caretakers can administer medications. We can also perform other helpful tasks such as: bringing in your mail, watering plants, and turning lights on-and-off to deter burglars during your absence.

Schedules are customized to your pet’s daily routine, rates vary.

In Home Pet Nurse Care:

  • House Call 
  • Nail Trim 
  • Anal Glands 
  • Oral Medication 
  • Injection Demonstration 
  • Injection Administration 
  • Subcutaneous Fluids Demonstration
  • Subcutaneous Fluids Administration 


Dr. Jessica Melman Bhatia

Dr. Melman Bhatia servicing Fairfield County. Providing comfortable customized veterinarian in-home canine and feline care.

  • Wellness Exams
  • Sick Visit
  • End Of Life Care
  • Surgery
  • Diagnoses & Treatment
  • Maintenance
PH: (203) 360-2371
FX: (203) 643-2022

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